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North Valley Veterinary Clinic / Animal Dermatology Clinic is a full-service veterinary and animal dermatology practice located at 11152 Balboa Blvd. Granada Hills CA. We have been serving the San Fernando valley community with quality pet care since 1983. Our staff of veterinarians all have outstanding medical qualifications and decades of experience in the field of veterinary care.
Veterinary Care Services: 
Medical Diagnosis & Therapy, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Radiology, Ultrasound, Dentistry, Cardiology, Intensive Care, Low Cost Vaccination, Senior Pet Care and Senior Citizen Discount.


Fully equipped surgical suite offering the most modern in anesthetics, surgical monitoring equipment and post surgical analgesics. All pets on an anesthetic machine (surgeries, dentistries, etc.) are monitored with electronic cardiac monitors for their safety and your peace of mind.

For your convenience, vaccinations are given every day, by appointment using the finest quality vaccine. No waiting on long lines with your pets, no waiting for special days in order to find a bargain. Call our receptionists for a convenient time. Keep your pet's vaccinations up to date, for their protection.


Electrosurgical  services  


Dermatology & Allergy services: 
Diagnosis & Treatment of all dermatology diseases including: Allergic Skin Disease, Parasitic Dermatitis (including mange, fleas, etc.), Fungal Disease (ringworm), Immune Mediated Disease, Hormonal Dermatosis,Nutritional Problems, and Tumors.
Allergy Testing & hyposensitization.

Low Cost Spays & Neuters
In order to help control feral pet populations, these procedures are done every day, by appointment. All procedures are done with the same high quality care that characterizes our other surgical procedures using the same anesthetics, patient monitoring and sterile equipment. In addition, we hospitalize your pet overnight, at no additional cost, so that we know your pet is fully recovered from it's anesthetic procedure.

Fully equipped & modern X-ray facility



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